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A Little Bit About Us.

Forgotten, Now Family Rescue is an incorporated non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in Charlotte, NC that is 100% founded by women.

Our mission is to help every dog we bring into our rescue find the perfect forever home. Our focus is on large breed dogs such as pit bulls and other bully breeds, but we do not hesitate to take in others who need our tender love and care. Additionally, we strive to educate the community by promoting humane and compassionate treatment to dogs of all breeds and sizes.

We want to see a change in our community and believe in doing so not only by rescuing dogs in need, but promoting spay/neuter programs, helping others, and responsibly connecting dogs who truly deserve a second chance to our community in every way possible.

Save. Love. Adopt. Repeat.

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Adopters family

Having lost our guy, Barkley, after 13 years, we were not convinced we were ready for another addition to the family. We stumbled upon the most amazing rescue and people on Facebook.Here is what we learned and what the experience reflected.  

First, make no mistake that this organization is truly an advocate for the animals they adopt out. It was very refreshing to see the love and care the fosters gave and harbored for all of their rescues. This instantly brought comfort and confidence to our decision.

The experience…well…be careful. We went to adopt one and left with two! The lengths that this organization went to ensure we had the right pet for our family is immeasurable. The amazing women who formed and pilot this organization discussed the puppies’ temperament as well as their background and history to the extent that they could.

Further, they allowed us several visits to be sure the one(s) we chose felt right and a connection formed. We could not be more appreciative and happy for the experience afforded to us. We feel blessed to have two new additions to our family who have brought so many smiles and so much happiness.We are eternally grateful and would not hesitate to endorse, recommend, and stand behind Forgotten, Now Family.

Family adopting dog

"We were thinking about getting another dog for a while because our Kemba boy loves other dogs, and we knew it was time to add to our family. We found LTHT (now Forgotten, Now Family), and they helped us find the most perfect angel baby EVER! We're so thankful for FNF and how they took the time to hear what type of dog we had and what personality would fit best. Kemba and Maya are two peas in a pod, and we highly recommend working with FNF to find your next fur baby!"

Girl adopting dog

"Oliver is the best dog EVER! My Mom and Dad said I could only get a puppy if I worked hard and helped train him. I saved my allowance and hired a trainer to work with Oliver and I. We are THE BEST TEAM! If Forgotten, Now Family had not stepped in and saved my sweet boy, he would not have made it. He almost died. But he's a giant strong lizard boy now! I love him so much, and I love that I get to be his Dog Mom!"

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